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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

TerraSar-X & TanDEM-X


Satellite series carrying X-band synthetic aperture radar sensors capturing imagery in a number of modes from ScanSAR (270km swath and 40m nominal spatial resolution) to Spotlight (4km swath and 0.25m spatial resolution) with most modes also available as either single or dual-polarisation. Operating in a twin satellite formation about 500m apart, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X are collecting interferometric imagery for the creation of a quality global DEM.


Imagery can be programmed on demand.

TerraSAR-X was launched in June 2007 and was joined by TanDEM-X in June 2010.


A wide variety of applications in geology, climatology, oceanography, environmental and disaster monitoring, and cartography, especially DEM generation.


Pricing varies with mode and urgency. Contact us for details.