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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua



French satellite series with a 60-80km swath and a 26-day repeat cycle for nadir viewing. Twin sensors allow for collection of simultaneous multispectral and panchromatic imagery.

The SPOT-6 multispectral scanner has 4 spectral bands - blue, green red, and NIR -  and a spatial resolution of 6m. The panchromatic band has a spatial resolution of 1.5m.


The satellites can be programmed to collect imagery on demand.

SPOT-6 was launched in September 2012 and is operational. SPOT-7 is due for launch in 2014. Once the two satellites are operational they will be capable of daily image collection over any point on the globe.


Mapping and monitoring for a variety of applications.

SPOT-6 imagery  is currently being acquired to create a 1.5m seamless global true colour basemap offering high geometric accuracy. This SPOTMaps product is available nationally, regionally, and as single tiles.


Imagery is available as multispectral or panchromatic or pan-sharpened colour and can be ordered at a variety of image sizes. Please contact us for details.