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Canadian satellites carrying C-band, horizontal send-and-receive, synthetic aperture radar (SAR). Radarsat-1 imagery is collected at a number of modes from fine beam with a swath of 50km and a spatial resolution of 8m to ScanSAR wide with a 500km swath and 100m spatial resolution. Radarsat-2 is similar but has improved capabilities including multiple polarisation modes and a very high spatial resolution Spotlight mode.


Imagery can be programmed on demand.

Radarsat-1 operated from December 2007 to April 2013; Radarsat-2 was launched December 2012 and is operational. Radarsat-3 is a constellation of 3 satellites, due for launch in 2018. 


Maritime surveillance (e.g., ship detection), monitoring and tracking sea ice, detecting oil spills, monitoring floods, landslides and eruptions, geology.


Pricing varies with mode and urgency.
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