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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

High resolution satellite imagery


A number of satellite services offer 4-band (blue, green, red, NIR) multispecteral imagery at between 1.5 and 5m spatial resolutions and panchromatic imagery from 0.4m spatial resolution. Some services also offer additional spectral bands such as red edge, coastal, and SWIR. Most swath widths are fairly narrow - 14 to 20 km - but the revisit capabilities are very good  typically 1.5-4 days. 


Satellites can be programmed to collect imagery on demand.


Mapping and monitoring at fine scales. Very useful services when you only need a small area covered.


Imagery is available as multispectral or panchromatic or pan-sharpened colour and can be ordered at a variety of image sizes , often starting at around 25km2. We can assist with your data needs and ordering. Contact us for details.