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Key to weedy daisies of the South Pacific

This Lucid 3 key includes 43 species of naturalised and weedy Asteraceae in the South Pacific region.

B Sykes, K Ford and N Thomas

The weedy species have been chosen on the basis of their invasive potential. One of the indigenous species, Wollastonia biflora, is included as it is a common coastal plant and the other is the striking Fitchia speciosa, a species endemic to East Polynesia. The list of species has been prepared by Bill Sykes (Allan Herbarium) and Marika Tuiwawa (SPRH) based on their field knowledge of plants in this region.



The South Pacific Region, as defined here, extends from New Caledonia in the west to the Pitcairn Islands in the east, and the islands of Kiribati in the north to the southernmost islands of Tonga, French Polynesia and the Pitcairn Islands.

South Pacific Region

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Sykes, B., Ford, K.A, Thomas N. 2008. Weedy daisies of the South Pacific.
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Date of access: 26 Apr 2018