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Styx Mill conservation reserve

Styx Mill conservation reserve

This key begins with selection of one of the five main taxa: plants (including algae), invertebrates, mammals, lizards, or birds. After choosing one of these taxa a list of features will be displayed, usually in order of the easiest features to distinguish. With the selection of each feature a number of states are given. As these are selected the number of entities on the right hand side of the screen is reduced until the choice is made. There is a factsheet associated with each entity and a range of images that may be referred to at any point in the selection process.

Please note that although plants and algae can belong to different kingdoms, they have been combined for ease of use by school students in the key. In the case of bird identification, only adult forms of the bird species are represented in this key, and aquatic invertebrates are generally represented in their juvenile stages. 

Both the plant group and invertebrate groups have a feature given as Appearance. This can be used as a short cut for more experienced users of the key. The same applies to the Type feature given for the bird group.