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Guide to Biodiversity at Styx Mill Conservation Reserve

Styx Mill conservation reserve

This Lucid 3 Interactive key will allow you to identify some of the common organisms found at Styx Mill Conservation Reserve in Christchurch, NZ.

S. Yardley

This key is a representation of the taxa found at Styx Mill Conservation Reserve in Christchurch. Each of the entities are linked to images and a factsheet, as well as their place in the ecosystem’s food web. Styx Mill Conservation Reserve is a 57 ha area that encompasses a 1.6 km stretch of the Styx River. It contains a variety of habitats and has been the focus of surveys of biota, many of which are available on the website of the Styx Living Laboratory Trust.

The taxa chosen for inclusion in this key include plants, algae, invertebrates, mammals, lizards and birds. Please note that the key contains only a selection of the over 500 species that are found along the Styx Catchment. There is a factsheet containing information regarding collection or sampling methods for each taxon, as well as a link to a website displaying the inter-relationships between the taxa in the form of a food web.

This project was carried out by an Endeavour Teacher Fellow with support from Landcare Research, funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

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Yardley, S. 2012. Guide to Biodiversity at Styx Mill Conservation Reserve, Christchurch
Accessed at
Date of access: 25 May 2018