Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


This Key has four main character headings PLANT TYPE, LEAVES, FLOWERS, and FRUIT, each of these headings has plant characters that are used to help identify the plant.

Most of these characters have an .html sheet attached, which explains how to score each of these plant characteristics. The following is a list of these:

  • Under the heading PLANT TYPE is Growth Habit, which provides explanation of the different ways plants grow.
  • Under the heading LEAVES is:
    • Firstly Leaf Type, which explains the difference between a compound and a simple leaf,
    • Next is Leaf or Leaflet Position, which shows the different ways leaves can grow on branches or from the ground,
    • This is followed by Leaf or Leaflet Shape, which explains the different leaf shapes,
    • The Leaf or Leaflet Number is explained next, using pictorial examples.
    • And the Leaf or Leaflet Margin or leaf edge is explained and categorised in the following .html sheet.
    • The Leaf's Midrib or main vein is categorised in the next sheet in simple language, according to how it looks and feels.
    • Followed by the presence or absence of a Leaf Petiole, and it's Length is also explained with an attached image as well.
    • The presence or absence of Leaf Variegation is explained next using simplified language,
    • Followed by an equally descriptive sheet on Leaf Indumentum (leaf hairiness).
    • The different Leaf Colours are categorised next, followed by a brief .html sheet and attached image for both Leaf Width and Leaf Length.
  • Under the Heading FLOWERS there is Flower Colour and the Flower Diameter with an attached image showing how to measure the flower for this Key.
  • Under FRUIT there is Fruit Colour and Fruit Length and Fruit Width which can be entered and used to help identify plants in this Key.