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<em>Cryptostylis subulata</em>, the duck bill orchid. Image - Jeremy Rolfe©

Cryptostylis subulata, the duck bill orchid. Image - Jeremy Rolfe©

Numerous images in this key were provided by coauthor Jeremy Rolfe. Several Landcare Research stock photos are also included, originally taken as transparencies by WF (Bill) Rennie and Robert Lamberts of the then DSIR at Lincoln.

We thank many others for kindly contributing their outstanding images of New Zealand native orchids:

  • Allan Ducker
  • Bron Thorneycroft
  • Bruce Irwin
  • Carlos Lehnebach
  • Chris Ecroyd
  • Chris Morse
  • Dan Hatch
  • Eric Scanlen
  • Gael Donaghy
  • Georgina Upson
  • Gillian Crowcroft
  • Grahame Bell
  • Ian St George
  • John Barkla
  • John Barraclough
  • Jon Sullivan
  • Leon Perrie
  • Mark Moorhouse
  • Matt Renner
  • Maurice Needham
  • Michael Pratt
  • Mike Lusk
  • Nick Saville
  • Nicola Baines
  • Peter Heenan
  • Phil Knightbridge
  • Sarah Richardson
  • Steve Attwood
  • Val Smith

Several of these contributors provided their images via the NZ Native Orchids project ( on NatureWatch NZ, covered by Creative Commons licences for non-commercial use.

We welcome further images from contributors, especially to address current gaps in coverage of the key.

We also acknowledge the financial assistance of the Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System (TFBIS) Programme for funding this key. The TFBIS Programme is funded by the Government to help to achieve the goals of the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy, and is administered by the Department of Conservation.