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Key to native orchids of New Zealand

<em>Thelymitra pulchella</em>, the striped sun orchid or maikaika.

An interactive key for the identification of New Zealand native orchids.

Murray Dawson, Jeremy Rolfe, Kathleen Stewart, Jenny Dent, the NZ Native Orchid Group & others

This Lucid 3 key is for the identification of more than 120 species and informal entities of New Zealand native orchids. In addition to the main entries in the key, further tag-name entities are captioned under species aggregates.

The native orchid key is illustrated with more than 1500 images and runs using 43 characters and 212 character states. The key links to the New Zealand Native Orchids website, the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network, the Flora of New Zealand Online, and the Ngā Tipu o Aotearoa, Landcare Research’s plant names database.

The TFBIS (Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) Programme fully funded this project from 2011 to 2013. From 2013 to 2015, TFBIS provided additional funding to create app versions of this key for smartphones and tablets.

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System requirements

This key will run on most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and Microsoft Edge.

Although this key is not optimised for portable devices, it displays OK on tablets.

Dedicated smartphone app versions are available for a few of the keys on these webpages.

App Availability

A free app version of this key is now available for smartphones and tablets for both Android and iOS devices.

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Dawson M, Rolfe J, Stewart K, Dent J, New Zealand Native Orchid Group. 2012–2015. Key to native orchids of New Zealand.
Accessed at Date of access: 25 Sep 2018