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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Button Bar

The Lucid button bar, located above the four panes and below the menu, looks like this:


Some of the most commonly used buttons are:

Button Name What itdoes
Restart Key Starts the key from the beginning. Used if you wish to identify a new entity using the same key or if it is quicker to start again on the specimen that you have been trying to identify.
button_bar_collapse Collapse selected list Collapses the list of entities or features, depending on which quadrant (pane) of the key you are in.
Expand selected list Expands the list of entities or features, depending on which quadrant (pane) of the key you are in.
Find feature/entity... Opens a search box that you can type in to find a feature or entity (depending on what side of the key you are on). Especially useful for large keys.
button_bar_feature Feature Thumbnails Displays or hides all of the feature thumbnails. Provides a visual method for identifying plants but restricts your view of the feature list.
button_bar_entity Entity Thumbnails Displays or hides the first thumbnail for an entity.
button_bar_subset Subsets Most of our keys have groups of features available. This button will give you options to choose restricted sets of features – e.g., characters that only apply to non-flowering plant material, and expert, novice, and non-identification data subsets.
button_bar_best Best Highlights the feature that will provide the most discriminating identification based on the entities remaining. ‘Best’ is useful when you have only a few similar taxa remaining.
button_bar_previous_best Previous Best Allows you to navigate back through your ‘Best’ choices once you have used ‘Next Best’.
button_bar_next_best Next Best Takes you to the next best feature(s).
button_bar_help_button Help This button accesses the extensive help files preloaded within each key by the Lucid software developers.