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Gaultheria macrostigmaxantipoda

Gaultheria macrostigmaxantipoda

Depending on how you score some features, other features will appear or disappear from the features list. The main dependencies are listed here to help you understand how the key is behaving.

Features/characters that appear:

Your choice Feature that will appear in the list
plant carnivorous trapping mechanism
daisy family / flowers grouped in a capitulum florets of daisy capitulum ligulate or tubular
fruit fleshy colour of fleshy fruit

The main features/characters that disappear:

Your choice Feature(s) that will disappear from the list
dicot pattern of alternating leaves in monocots
dicot leaf ligule present or absent
herb, cushion, or flax, rush or sedge-like plants deciduous or evergreen
tree succulent or not
epiphyte deciduous or evergreen
cushion succulent or not; deciduous or evergreen; stems hollow or pity
not woody deciduous or evergreen
stems and leaves glabrous types of hairs
leaves reduced leaf length and width
stipule absent form of stipule
leaves opposite pattern of alternating leaves in monocots
leaves simple pinnate or palmate; degree of division; number of leaflets
leaves compound leaves folding or flat
flowers not forming a capitulum capitula solitary or grouped
flowers forming a capitulum flowers solitary or grouped
corolla not different from calyx petals per flower; petals fused or free; flower symmetry
daisy flowers solitary or grouped
daisy number of stamens
daisy number of perianth segments