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Key to New Zealand Aenictopecheidae and Enicocephalidae genera

This key allows the identification of aenictopecheid and enicocephalid genera irrespective of their family affiliation. This bypasses difficulties associated with the identification of unique headed bugs, or gnat bugs, to family level on the basis of external morphology. Due to the unavailability of specimens suitable for photography most illustrations provided with the key are adaptations from the work of Woodward (1956).

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Whole key package: Larivière M-C 2014. Identification keys to New Zealand Heteroptera genera (Insecta: Hemiptera). Version 1.0.
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Date of access: 20 Feb 2018

Individual key: Larivière M-C 2014. Key to New Zealand Aenictopecheidae and Enicocephalidae genera. In: [whole key package citation].

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