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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Guide to New Zealand's freshwater invertebrates

Stonefly ( Gripopterygidae : Nesoperla )

Diagnostic features

Nesoperla stonefly nymphs are among the gripopterygids that have a rosette of anal gills between the cerci (“tails”). The abdominal segments have distinct pale diagonal markings on the upper surface.

Typical habitats

Nesoperla are among the less commonly recorded stoneflies. They are only semi aquatic and can be found in stony streams or in their floodplains.


They may feed on stream biofilms, and plant detritus from within and outside of the stream.

Indicator value

Nesoperla nymphs are infrequently recorded and we have limited knowledge of their indicator value. They have mid-range tolerance values of 5 (hard bottom sites) and 5.7 (soft bottom sites).