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Fallacia vittata var. rotoehuensis
(Foged) M.A.Harper


Navicula vittata var. rotoehuensis Foged

Type slide

Freshwater, Lake Rotoehu, North Island, New Zealand. Foged Collection, New Zealand No. 594/1966, Natural History Museum, Denmark.

Institution holding the type material


Known distribution

North Island, New Zealand.


From Lake Rotoehu.


Differs from the type species by having broad-elliptical valves, 20-25 µm long, 12-13 µm wide, 18 striae in 10µm.

Description reproduced with kind permission of Koeltz Scientific Books


Material on the type slide was not able to be located; therefore no images are available.

Funding from TFBIS (Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System), administered by the New Zealand Department of Conservation, is gratefully acknowledged.


Foged N 1979. Diatoms in New Zealand, the North Island. A. R. Gantner Verlag KG, Vaduz. 130 p.