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Gyrosigma foxtonia S.R.Stidolph

Gyrosigma foxtonia

Type slide

Foxton Beach, North Island, New Zealand: in stagnant brackish water in a small stream. Stidolph Collection FW-B 3/5.

Institution holding the type material


Known distribution

Foxton Beach, New Zealand.


Referring to Foxton Beach, the site of its discovery.


Reproduction pending online publication of all relevant material, at request of the publisher.


Funding from TFBIS (Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System), administered by the New Zealand Department of Conservation, is gratefully acknowledged.


Stidolph SR 1988. Observations and remarks on morphology and taxonomy of the diatom genera Gyrosigma Hassall and Pleurosigma W. Smith. Nova Hedwigia 47: 377-388.