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Egon Horak’s slides of New Zealand fungi

Holotype image for Cortinarius ignotus

Holotype image for Cortinarius ignotus

Egon Horak is a leading mycologist specialising in mushrooms and has described and named over 1,000 new species from around 30 countries with a particular emphasis on South America and Australasia. Egon was the curator of Herbarium (ZT) of the Swiss Federal Institute (ETH) in Zurich from 1969 and retired to Innsbruck in 2001. He has continued to work as an active mycologist and recently published “The Fungi of New Zealand Volume 5: Agaricales of New Zealand 1 -Pluteaceae – Entolomataceae”.

Egon first came to New Zealand to study our fungi in 1967 and has made regular collecting trips ever since. Over the years Egon has photographed many of his collections as fresh material and these images represent an invaluable and irreplaceable resource. Fungi are preserved as dried collections and thus loose many of the original characteristics that can only be captured in good field notes, paintings, drawings and photographs.

Slide digitisation

In 2006 Landcare Research applied successfully for funding from the Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System Programme (TFBIS) to digitize the slides. Some of the older slides in particular were beginning to show signs of age with a loss of colour balance and so the process of digitization was a means of preserving this valuable archive as well as providing a unique resource for identification and research.

Through this TFBIS support we have now completed the digitisation of all 1,327 slides as well as keyboarding the associated metadata. This image archive has been integrated into our NZFUNGI databases and all the information is available through our NZFUNGI Web Portal.

Why are these slides significant?

The slides portray 471 taxa of fungi. They are also directly linked to 570 collections of the photographed material deposited in the PDD national fungal herbarium at Landcare Research in Auckland. Amongst the 1,327 slides are images of 164 ‘Types’. A Type is the physical collection which the scientific name of an organism is based and the associated images are therefore particularly valuable.

Here is presented a gallery of 98 images of Type collections with links to the corresponding names, images, and collections maintained in the NZFUNGI database and web portal.


Taxon Name Image Type Status ZT Number PDD Number
Agaricus bambusae var. australis Fungi Holotype ZT69-194 PDD27102
Agaricus horakii Fungi Holotype ZT68-411 PDD27106
Agaricus lanatoniger Fungi Holotype ZT67-225 PDD27107
Agaricus oligocystis Fungi Holotype ZT69-087 PDD27104
Agaricus purpureoniger Fungi Holotype ZT68-435 PDD27105
Camarophyllus aurantiopallens Fungi Holotype ZT68-309 PDD27088
Camarophyllus griseorufescens Fungi Holotype ZT0919 PDD27230
Camarophyllus impurus Fungi Holotype ZT1004 PDD27226
Camarophyllus patinicolor Fungi Holotype ZT68-556 PDD27072
Camarophyllus pratensis var. gracilis Fungi Holotype ZT68-651 PDD27074
Cortinarius aegrotus Fungi Holotype ZT0776 PDD27270
Cortinarius aerugineoconicus Fungi Holotype ZT69-284 PDD27258
Cortinarius bellus Fungi Holotype ZT0842 PDD27260
Cortinarius castaneiceps Fungi Holotype ZT0954 PDD27269
Cortinarius cucumeris Fungi Holotype ZT68-603 PDD27261
Cortinarius cycneus Fungi Holotype ZT68-330 PDD27254
Cortinarius gemmeus Fungi Holotype ZT0943 PDD27268
Cortinarius ignotus Fungi Holotype ZT0945 PDD27264
Cortinarius indolicus Fungi Holotype ZT68-600 PDD27256
Cortinarius marmoratus Fungi Holotype ZT68-362 PDD27262
Cortinarius melimyxa Fungi Holotype ZT69-289 PDD27267
Cortinarius olorinatus Fungi Holotype ZT0877 PDD27255
Cortinarius phaeochlorus Fungi Holotype ZT0895 PDD27265
Cortinarius porphyrophaeus Fungi Holotype ZT0942 PDD27263
Cortinarius taylorianus Fungi Holotype ZT68-327 PDD27259
Cortinarius viscostriatus Fungi Holotype ZT68-505 PDD27272
Cortinarius viscoviridis Fungi Holotype ZT68-485 PDD27257
Cortinarius vitreopileatus Fungi Holotype ZT0756 PDD27271
Crepidotus dilutus Fungi Holotype ZT68-319 PDD89306
Crepidotus fuscovelutinus Fungi Holotype ZT69-233 PDD89308
Crucispora naucorioides Fungi Holotype ZT68-641 PDD27001
Cuphocybe phaeomyxa Fungi Holotype ZT69-297 PDD27071
Dermocybe alienata Fungi Holotype ZT69-372 PDD27180
Dermocybe aurantiella Fungi Holotype ZT69-203 PDD27176
Dermocybe canaria Fungi Holotype ZT68-098 PDD27175
Dermocybe castaneodisca Fungi Holotype ZT67-249 PDD27178
Dermocybe cramesina Fungi Holotype ZT68-321 PDD27173
Dermocybe egmontiana Fungi Holotype ZT68-572 PDD27177
Dermocybe icterinoides Fungi Holotype ZT68-628 PDD27184
Dermocybe indotata Fungi Holotype ZT68-310 PDD27182
Dermocybe largofulgens Fungi Holotype ZT69-371 PDD27181
Dermocybe leptospermorum Fungi Holotype ZT69-232 PDD27183
Dermocybe olivaceonigra Fungi Holotype ZT68-322 PDD27179
Dermocybe purpurata Fungi Holotype ZT68-100 PDD27171
Dermocybe splendida Fungi Holotype ZT69-370 PDD27168
Dermocybe splendida Fungi Holotype ZT69-370 PDD27168
Dermocybe splendida Fungi Holotype ZT69-370 PDD27168
Dermocybe splendida Fungi Holotype ZT69-370 PDD27168
Dermocybe vinicolor Fungi Holotype ZT0647 PDD27172
Descolea majestatica Fungi Isotype ZT69-277 PDD27006
Descolea phlebophora Fungi Isotype ZT69-274 PDD27009
Entoloma neosericellum Fungi holotype ZT1010 PDD27250
Entoloma perconfusum Fungi holotype ZT0515 PDD74723
Gigasperma cryptica Fungi Holotype ZT68-504 PDD27002
Gliophorus graminicolor Fungi Holotype ZT68-201 PDD27096
Gliophorus lilacinoides Fungi Holotype ZT68-646 PDD27094
Gliophorus luteoglutinosus Fungi Holotype ZT68-667 PDD27092
Gliophorus ostrinus Fungi Holotype ZT0923 PDD27228
Gliophorus pallidus Fungi Holotype ZT68-613 PDD27090
Gliophorus versicolor Fungi Holotype ZT68-202 PDD27095
Gliophorus viscaurantius Fungi Holotype ZT68-146 PDD27091
Hygrocybe blanda Fungi Holotype ZT0915 PDD27185
Hygrocybe cavipes Fungi Holotype ZT68-472 PDD27082
Hygrocybe cerinolutea Fungi Holotype ZT68-262 PDD27083
Hygrocybe conspicua Fungi Holotype ZT68-141 PDD27079
Hygrocybe elegans Fungi Holotype ZT69-096 PDD27086
Hygrocybe elegans Fungi Holotype ZT68-096 PDD27086
Hygrocybe fuliginata Fungi Holotype ZT69-198 PDD27080
Hygrocybe rosella Fungi Holotype ZT68-200 PDD27078
Hygrocybe striatolutea Fungi Holotype ZT68-417 PDD27081
Hygrophorus segregatus Fungi Holotype ZT1116 PDD27225
Inocybe latericia Fungi Holotype ZT69-035 PDD27120
Leucopaxillus luteolamellatus Fungi Holotype ZT0839 PDD27196
Macrocystidia reducta Fungi Holotype ZT68-294 PDD27160
Mycenella maxima Fungi Holotype ZT68-228 PDD27239
Neohygrocybe innata Fungi Holotype ZT68-199 PDD27076
Neohygrocybe squarrosa Fungi Holotype ZT69-164 PDD27077
Nivatogastrium baylisianum Fungi Holotype ZT69-258 PDD27005
Pholiota multicingulata Fungi Holotype ZT0910 PDD27166
Pleuroflammula ambigua Fungi Holotype ZT8463 PDD71271
Pleuroflammula praestans Fungi Holotype ZT68-534 PDD27133
Psilocybe novae-zelandiae Fungi Holotype ZT67-104 PDD27132
Ramicola luteomellea Fungi Holotype ZT69-073 PDD27150
Rozites castanellus Fungi Holotype ZT68-617 PDD27161
Rozites fusipes Fungi Holotype ZT68-344 PDD27162
Rozites meleagris Fungi Holotype ZT68-215 PDD27164
Rozites pallidus Fungi Holotype ZT68-507 PDD27163
Simocybe phlebophora Fungi Holotype ZT67-174 PDD27147
Simocybe unica Fungi Holotype ZT68-222 PDD27148
Thaxterogaster anisodorus Fungi Holotype ZT68-343 PDD27068
Thaxterogaster leoninus Fungi Holotype ZT67-153 PDD27063
Thaxterogaster napivelatus Fungi Holotype ZT68-381 PDD27069
Thaxterogaster violaceovolvatus Fungi Holotype ZT68-382 PDD27061
Tubaria aureosimilis Fungi Holotype ZT69-113 PDD27155
Tubaria excentrica Fungi Holotype ZT68-535 PDD89329
Tubaria pedicularis Fungi Holotype ZT9676 PDD72769
Tubaria perstriata Fungi Holotype ZT2019 PDD89328
Tubaria recta Fungi Holotype ZT8741 PDD72915