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Allan Herbarium loan services

Image - P Heenan

Image - P Heenan

The Allan Herbarium (CHR) provides loans to bona fide researchers working at registered herbaria.

A description of the collections held at the Allan Herbarium is available and approximately 35% of the collection is databased and can be searched at the Systematics Collections Data web portal.

Users of this service should note that loans are subject to a set of conditions (see Loan Regulations for full details).  These include:

  • Requests must be made by the head of a registered herbarium
  • Destructive sampling and photography require prior approval that should be obtained when requesting a loan
  • Loans are made for 12 months.

Loans are also subject to New Zealand legislation, including the Protected Objects Act, the Biosecurity Act, the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act, and the Trade in Endangered Species Act.  These regulations impose limitations on what, where and how we can send specimens on loan.

  • The Biosecurity Act requires that an Import Permit accompanies all material entering New Zealand.  A copy of the Import Permit is available here (password required)
  • The NZNHN shipping standard, is a New Zealand Herbarium Network response to the ERMA (EPA) decision, and describes the packaging required to meet the ERMA Authority decision.
  • The ERMA (EPA) decision provides a set of controls for movement of specimens into New Zealand.