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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Smarter targeting of soil erosion control

Our new MBIE Endeavour fund programme, ‘Smarter targeting of erosion control', focuses on the need for regional councils and land managers to have higher-resolution data on catchment erosion and sediment delivery to streams, and new tools and models that provide information at appropriate scales. These are essential for efficient and cost-effective erosion and sediment mitigation and will help plan for the predicted increase in wild weather as a result of climate change.

The Smarter targeting of erosion control programme is tasked with exploring cost-effective ways of targeting erosion control and improving water quality.

“This research will improve our understanding of where erosion occurs, sediment volume, what type of sediment is produced, and by which processes,” says Manaaki Whenua geomorphologist Dr Hugh Smith, who co-leads the project.

Research done in the programme will enable a breakthrough in the design and implementation of cost effective, targeted, erosion control measures, which is crucial for meeting national water-quality targets. Regional councils are involved in the Technical Implementation Advisory Group.