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BusinessNZ is awarded carboNZero certification.
Taking action to reduce New Zealand's climate impacts

New reports from the Royal Society of New Zealand highlight key climate change risks for New Zealand as well as possible mitigation options, including emissions solutions from Enviro-Mark Solutions.

Dr Janine Duckworth of Landcare Research handling rabbit DNA samples.
New virus to control rabbits Opens in a new window

A new strain of virus could help New Zealand farmers slash rabbit numbers by up to 30 per cent.

The beetles each feed on a different part of the weed.
Tiny beetles to help restore floodplain Opens in a new window

A trio of Brazilian beetles have been released in Northland to tackle a weed threatening a “biodiversity hotspot”.

Survey of Rural Decision Makers
Survey of Rural Decision Makers Opens in a new window

The results are in from the Survey of Rural Decision Makers 2015.

Landcare Research scientist Dr Bob Brown excavates a wasp nest.
Buzz over wasp excavation Opens in a new window

Coming face-to-face with thousands of aggressive wasps is just a typical day at work for New Zealand researcher Dr Bob Brown.

Landcare Research scientist Dr Bob Brown inspects a wasp for mites.
Rigorous tests for potential wasp biocontrol Opens in a new window

Tests will soon begin to ensure a mite, that looks a promising biocontrol agent against wasps, isn’t a threat to bees.

Hugh Gourlay of Landcare Research collects Darwin's barberry seed weevils for release.
Weevils to wage war on weed Opens in a new window

Additional releases of Chilean weevils have been made to control the widespread weed Darwin's barberry.

Landcare Research flax collection curator Katarina Tawiri with some of the wahakura produced.
Flax collection helping save young lives Opens in a new window

One of New Zealand’s nationally significant plant collections is being used to help save babies’ lives.

The Garden Bird Survey
Our next citizen science event: the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey Opens in a new window

Did you know that birds act as ‘environmental health’ indicators? By taking part in the 10th New Zealand Garden Bird Survey, you can help us learn more about the birds in your backyard as well as the condition of the environment you live in. This year’s survey will run from 25th June – 3rd July 2016. All you need is one hour, and a comfy chair.