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Insecta, small orders (Ephemeroptera, mayflies; Mantodea, mantids; Plecoptera, stoneflies; Protura; Thysanoptera, thrips)

Fauna of New Zealand contributions on small orders of Insecta. Select a link to access extracts from the publication as HTML pages or a downloadable PDF.

Ephemeroptera (mayflies)

Mantodea (mantids)

Plecoptera (stoneflies)


  • Protura (S.L. Tuxen, FNZ 9, 1986)

Thysanoptera (thrips)

  • Terebrantia (Laurence A. Mound & Annette K. Walker, FNZ 1, 1982)
  • Tubulifera (Laurence A. Mound & Annette K. Walker, FNZ 10, 1986)