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Emberson, R. M. 2017. Licinini (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Harpalinae). Fauna of New Zealand 75, 80 pages.
( ISSN 1179-7193 (online) ; no. 75. ISBN 978-0-947525-13-2 (print), ISBN 978-0-947525-12-5 (online) ). Published 16 Aug 2017

Subfamily HARPALINAE Bonelli, 1810
Tribe Licinini Bonelli, 1810
Subtribe Licinina Bonelli, 1810

Genus Physolaesthus Chaudoir, 1850
insularis Bates, 1878
limbatus (Broun, 1880), new synonomy

Subtribe Dicrochilina Ball, 1992

Genus Stomatocoelus Macleay, 1864, reinstated
aterrimus (Bates, 1874), new combination
nitida (Broun, 1882), new synonymy
rugicollis (Broun, 1917), new synonymy
cordicolle (Broun, 1903), new combination

Genus Dicrochile Guérin-Méneville, 1847a
atrata (Blanchard, 1842)
deplanatus (White, 1846), primary homonym
anchomenoides Guérin-Méneville, 1847, new synonymy
subopaca Bates, 1874, new synonymy
whitei (Csiki, 1931), new synonymy
thoracica Broun, 1908
fabrii Guérin-Méneville, 1847a (incertae sedis)

Genus Pedalopia Laporte de Castelnau, 1867, reinstated
maura1 (Broun, 1880), new combination
anthracina (Broun, 1893), new synonymy
(Broun, 1894), new combination
new species
flavipes flavipes (Broun, 1917), new status, new combination
flavipes florae
new subspecies
oparara new species
watti new species
arowhenua new species
novaezelandiae Laporte de Castelnau, 1867
cinctiger (Broun, 1882)
waipori new species
insignis (Broun, 1917), new combination

Species excluded from the New Zealand Licinni

Rembus zeelandicus Redtenbacher, 1868 was erroneously described as coming from Auckland, New Zealand. It is now known (Andrewes 1924) to be a northeast Asian species of Diplocheila Brullé (Ball, 1959).

The six Australian species of Dicrochile described by Laporte de Castelnau (1867) were all mistakenly listed from New Zealand in the Gemminger & Harold (1868) Catalogus Coleopterorum. They are all Australian endemics (Moore et al. 1987) that belong to the genus Stomatocoelus Macleay as here understood. They have never been found in New Zealand.

1 For convenience, the species of Pedalopia are arranged more or less from north to south, rather than alphabetically.

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