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FNZ 66 - Diaspididae (Insecta: Hemiptera: Coccoidea) - Contributor notes

Henderson, RC 2011. Diaspididae (Insecta: Hemiptera: Coccoidea). Fauna of New Zealand 66, 275 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ISSN 1179-7193 (online) ; no. 66. ISBN 978-0-478-34726-5 (print), ISBN 978-0-478-34727-2 (online) ). Published 23 May 2011

Contributor notes

Contributor Rosa Henderson graduated from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, in 1965 and was a Research Fellow investigating chromosome abnormalities in leukaemia at the Cytogenetics Unit, Christchurch Hospital, for 5 years. After a 15 year break from science bringing up her family, she began an entomological career in 1985 at DSIR, Mt Albert. When the DSIR was disbanded in 1992, Rosa became a science technician for Landcare Research working on scale insects in the N.Z. Arthropod Collection. She is now a senior science technician and section curator of Sternorrhyncha in NZAC. Rosa is author or co-author of 37 scientific papers, including two previous volumes in the Fauna of New Zealand series, both written in collaboration with Chris Hodgson (Wye College and Cardiff, U.K.) on the family Coccidae.

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