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FNZ 11 - Pseudococcidae (Insecta: Hemiptera) - Abstract

Cox, JM 1987. Pseudococcidae (Insecta: Hemiptera). Fauna of New Zealand 11, 232 pages.
( ISSN 0111-5383 (print), ; no. 11. ISBN 0-477-06791-3 (print), ). Published 07 Apr 1987


A total of 114 species of mealybugs are described and figured. This total comprises the 47 species hitherto known from New Zealand and 67 newly recorded ones, 61 of which are new to science. They are grouped into 28 genera, of which 8 are new- Acrochordonus, Agastococcus, Asaphococcus, Chryseococcus, Cyphonococcus, Crocydococcus, Maskellococcus, and Renicaula. Twenty-five new combinations are proposed: Asaphococcus montanus, Chryseococcus arecae, C. longispinus, Balanococcus cockaynei, B. cordylinidis, B. danthoniae, B. diminutus, B. wisei, Crocydococcus cottieri, Cyphonococcus alpinus, C. iceryoides, Maskellococcus obtectus, Paracoccus canalis, P. coriariae, P. drimydis, P. glaucus, P. insolitus, P. miro, P. zealandicus, Rastrococcus asteliae, Renicaula chionochloae, R. junci, R. raouliae, Spilococcus leucopogi, and Ventrispina otagoensis. Five synonymies are proposed: Trionymus dissimilis Brittin with Balanococcus danthoniae (Morrison), Trionymus chiltoni Brittin with Cvphonococcus alpinus (Maskell), Trionymus zealandicus Brittin with Paracoccus canalis (Brittin), Trionymus morrisoni Brittin with Paracoccus glaucus (Maskell), and Spilococcus cactearum McKenzie with S. leucopogi (Brittin). The subspecies Trionymus diminutus cordylinidis Brittin is raised to specific level, and the previously synonymised species Pseudococcus viticis Green is resurrected. The text includes a brief historical review of the work previously done on this group in New Zealand, and notes on mounting techniques, morphology, life cycle, and economic importance. Host-plant records are listed where available for each mealybug species, and the mealybugs recorded from each known host-plant are listed in an appendix.

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