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Restoration of cultural harvest at Te Waihora

During the year researchers have worked collaboratively with Ngāi Tahu to investigate customary management reforms, with a focus on wetlands, but more specifically black swan (Kakīnui) populations across the South Island. Black swan eggs (Hua Kakīnui) were collected as part of an annual harvest at Te Waihora (Lake Ellesmere), and also as research manipulations. For this, researchers accompanied tangata tiaki to monitor swan breeding responses to egg removal, and cygnet survival and movements. The programme supports the operationalisation of Ngāi Tahu mana motuhake over a significant mahinga kai, and contributes to the co-production of knowledge between the two groups.

Craig Pauling (Ngāi Tahu tangata tiaki) collects black swan eggs as part of an annual harvest and research manipulation