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Curious Minds - government initiative from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and EmploymentThe 2016 Winning the War against Weeds project is part of the Curious Minds MBIE funded Participatory Science Platform (PSP).

Brian Mason logo The Brian Mason Scientific & Technical Trust co-funded more intensive community engagement on weeds of the West Coast of the South Island.


The project is a collaboration between Landcare Research, Lincoln University, and schools, teachers, communities and supporters from Auckland, Gisborne and South Island’s West Coast.

  • Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research

    Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research

  • Lincoln University

    Lincoln University


Murray Dawson

Murray is a Landcare Research botanist dedicated to science communication and technology transfer. Murray led the development of the popular online Key to Weed Species of New Zealand.

Jon Sullivan

Jon is an ecologist and co-founder of NatureWatch NZ with extensive community engagement expertise. He is a Senior Lecturer at Lincoln University and has contributed to many Bioblitzes throughout New Zealand. Jon’s main research interest is weeds.

Hugh Gourlay

Hugh is a Landcare Research expert on the biological control of weeds and has engaged with many community groups. He has worked on biological control of gorse, broom, ragwort, old man’s beard, thistles, banana passionfruit, boneseed, St John’s wort, tutsan, and Japanese honeysuckle.

David Glenny

David is a Landcare Research botanist with extensive fieldwork experience. He is an expert in plant identification, flora and interactive key writing, and revising groups of native and naturalised plants.

Colin Meurk

Colin is a Research Associate of Landcare Research. He is an ecologist and co-founder of the acclaimed NatureWatch NZ platform for recording natural history observations. Colin created the Pest Plants (weeds) of NZ project.


Tread Lightly Caravan

The Tread Lightly Caravan team, Auckland’s mobile environmental classroom, joined us to deliver our teaching resources to schools of the Auckland Region.

Robinne Weiss

Robinne is an independent educator with a keen interest in science and insects. She developed the Landcare Research Weedy Lessons and Activities and will work through these with the students in the schools and when they visit our research centre at Lincoln.