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Weedy lessons and activities

Resources on weed and biocontrol lessons and activities for teachers and students.

NatureWatch NZ
iNaturalist NZ

We are using this platform to share our weed observations and images and obtain identifications from a community of experts. We provide smartphones pre-installed with the iNaturalist and plant identification apps.

Weeds key screenshot
Online Key to the Weed Species of New Zealand

This key is used for weed identification. It is a powerful identification tool that includes 650 species and 11,000 images.

Cover: An Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds of New Zealand
An Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds of New Zealand

Free copies of this popular guidebook are given to each participating school.

Weedbusters resources

Plant Me Instead Booklets and other giveaways are given to each participating school. Weedbusters is all about working together to stop weedy plants taking over New Zealand’s amazing natural areas.

NPPA Booklet
National Pest Plant Accord (NPPA) booklet

Free copies this booklet are provided to the students. This manual lists more than 160 species banned from sale and distribution in New Zealand. Its purpose is to prevent the propagation and spread of pest plants through the commercial and casual trade.

Allan Herbarium
Allan Herbarium

The Allan Herbarium is at Landcare Research in Lincoln, Canterbury. We host students and train them in pressing, mounting, databasing and depositing the weed specimens they collected in the field. This Nationally Significant Collection is the largest herbarium in New Zealand and houses >630,000 plant specimens.

Biocontrol facilities
Biocontrol facilities

Students tour this facility and learn about biocontrol. The containment facility at Landcare Research, Lincoln, is where biocontrol agents are held in containment to assess them for field release.

DOC Weeds page

The Department of Conservation and Weedbusters have recently launched their ‘War on Weeds’ campaign and are helping us with our UCM ‘Winning the War Against Weeds’ project.