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The Great Weeds Hunt Aotearoa

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‘The Great Weeds Hunt Aotearoa’ will give students, whanau and communities the tools to find and identify weeds, with access to weed and biocontrol experts in New Zealand.

For 2018–2019 we are visiting schools in Auckland and Canterbury.

In the North Island, we are leading ‘The Great Tradescantia Hunt’ to find local populations of tradescantia and other urban weed infestations. At these sites, Auckland schools will release tradescantia beetles – new biocontrol agents being raised at Manaaki Whenua.

In the South Island, we are conducting ‘The Great Spartina Hunt’ to discover spartina, purple loosestrife, and other invasive plants of Canterbury’s coastline, riversides and wetlands.

Targeting these respective pest plants closely aligns with priorities and control initiatives underway by DOC and regional authorities. Discovering what weeds are where is essential for their effective management, and community-driven observations are increasingly important to uncover new infestations and species.

Schools from three regions were visited in 2016 – Auckland, Gisborne and Westland – as part of the related ‘Winning the War against Weeds’ programme.

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