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Stakeholder soil health & resilience workshop

Stakeholder soil health & resilience workshop

The Stakeholder soil health & resilience workshop held in Wellington on 27 April 2018 invited soil practitioners from around New Zealand from a range of sectors. The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Communicate the aims and approach of the soil health project and seek input on future interactions with stakeholders
  • Understand the needs and aims of different sectors and end users at different levels, and how these might be reflected in an integrated framework
  • Develop a path towards a shared vision on long-term soil health in New Zealand

Overall, the workshop provided opportunities for a diverse group of soil practitioners to connect and build a community of practice with a commitment to the kaupapa of soil health and resilience in New Zealand. Visions and values of soil were identified along with strategic enablers for healthy soil. Possible actions and goals for the development of an integrated soil health and resilience framework - Oneone ora, Tangata ora were also aggregated.