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Our ambition is that New Zealand is protected from invasive biological threats. Our native biodiversity and our ability to derive income both from primary industries and from our unique landscapes are constantly threatened by invasive weeds, pests, and diseases.

Our work enables New Zealand to:

  • better respond to biosecurity threats
  • reduce pest, weed and disease impacts
  • kia tiakina nga taonga tuku iho (better protect treasured species)

Manaaki Whenua collaborates with many partners as part of our drive to help New Zealand reach its Biosecurity 2025 and Predator Free 2050 goals. Our research focuses on border security for early detection and prevention, and improving control methods for established invasive species.

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Weed management

Controlling weeds in New Zealand is a challenging and expensive task. Weed biocontrol offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and permanent solution to weed control.

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Nga Manu Rats

Animal pest management

Introduced animal pests have significant and costly impacts on New Zealand’s unique biodiversity, primary production sector and on cultural and social values.

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Bealey Spur

Ecosystem resilience

Globally, there is growing concern that the exploitation of ecosystems and land use intensification is causing widespread declines in ecosystem condition.

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Argentine Ant

Invasive invertebrates

In New Zealand there are more than 2000 species of invasive invertebrates already established. Some of these, such as Vespula wasps, have become abundant invaders that threaten our native ecosystems. More invasive invertebrates are continually arriving.

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