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The authors acknowledge the financial assistance of the Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System (TFBIS) Programme towards the preparation of this image gallery (Project 225, April 2009 - March 2012).The TFBIS Programme is funded by the Government to help to achieve the goals of the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy, and is administered by the Department of Conservation. Co-funding by Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua MSI* programme "Defining New Zealand's Land Biota" (2009 - present) for preparation and ongoing maintenance of this project, is also acknowledged.

Thanks are extended to Marie-Claude Larivière (Landcare Research) for assistance with project planning, project management, and website development, and to Karen Scott (Landcare Research, Lincoln) for her time and great talent as a web-designer.

The authors of this guide are very grateful to the following people, who assisted with loans of material for photography: John Early and Rosemary Gilbert (AMNZ, Auckland Museum, Auckland), Brian Patrick (BPNZ, private collection), Simon Pollard and Kate McCaughan (CMNZ, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch), Eric Edwards (EENZ, private collection), John Bain (FRNZ, Forest Research Institute Collection, Scion, Rotorua), John Marris (LUNZ, Entomology Research Museum, Lincoln University, Lincoln), Ricardo Palma and Phil Sirvid (MONZ, Museum of New Zealand, Wellington), and Otto Hyink and Cody Fraser (OMNZ, Otago Museum, Dunedin). The institutions and individuals named hold joint copyright in images of their specimens used in this online guide, as follows (m=male; f=female) (no Canterbury Museum specimens were eventually used for the guide):

AMNZ: Dasyuris octans f, ‘Hydriomena’ clarkei f, Pasiphila magnimaculata f, Xanthorhoe frigida f, Thysanoplusia orichalcea m,f, ‘Aletia’ sollennis m,f, ‘Andesia’ pessota m, Graphania chryserythra f, G. fenwicki m,f, Physetica caerulea m, Tmetolophota paraxysta f, T. phaula f.

BPNZ: Dioxycanus fuscus f, Dasyuris anceps grisescens f, D. enysii m, D. fulminea m, D. micropolis f, Helastia ohauensis m, Xanthorhoe frigida m.

EENZ: Wiseana copularis m, Asaphodes cinnabari f, A. dionysias m, A. helias m, A. ida f, A. stephanitis m,f, Dasyuris anceps anceps f, D. micropolis m, Epiphryne charidema charidema m,f, Homodotis falcata m, Notoreas paradelpha m, Pasiphila charybdis m, P. halianthes m, P. nebulosa m, P. rubella m, Pseudocoremia berylia m.

FRNZ: Artigisa melanephele f, Proteuxoa comma m, Phalaenoides glycinae m, ‘Aletia’ fibriata m, Ichneutica notata f.

LUNZ: Dasyuris catadees m, Helastia scissa m,f, ‘Hydriomena’ clarkei m, Notoreas arcuata f, N. chioneres/mechanitis f, N. isomoera m,f, Orthoclydon chlorias m, Pasiphila humilis f.

MONZ: Wiseana fuliginea f, Asaphodes abrogata m, A. adonis m, A. campbellensis m, A. citroena f, Austrocidaria lithurga m,f, A. venustatis m (holotype), Chloroclystis lichenodes m, Chrysolarentia subrectaria f, Dasyuris enysii f, D. pluviata f, D. transaurea m, Epyaxa lucidata m, Helastia cryptica m, Homodotis falcata f, Notoreas ischnocyma f, Orthoclydon chlorias f, Paranotoreas ferox m, P. fulva m, Pasiphila semochlora m, P. suffusa f, Tatosoma monoviridisata m,f, Xanthorhoe orophylloides m, Metacrias erichrysa m,f, M. strategica m, Titanomis sisyrota f, ‘Aletia’ argentaria m (holotype), ‘A.’ fibriata f, ‘A.’ panda m,f, ‘A.’ parmata f, Graphania chryserythra m, G. erebia m, G. morosa f, G. petrograpta m, Ichneutica cana m,f, I. ceraunias f, I. dione m,f, I. lindsayi m (second male), I. nervosa f, I. notata m, Meterana asterope f, M. decorata m,f, M. exquisita f, M. inchoata m,f, M. meyricci f, M. ochthistis m, M. pansicolor f, M. pauca m,f, M. pictula m,f, M. praesignis m, M. vitiosa m,f, Mythimna separata m, Tmetolophota acontistis f, T. alopa m, T. hartii f.

OMNZ: Asaphodes abrogata f, A. albalineata m,f, A. citroena m, A. exoriens m, A. frivola m, A. oraria f, A. oxyptera m,f, A. recta m,f, Dichromodes cynica m,f, D. gypsotis m,f, D. ida m,f, D. niger m,f, D. simulans m,f.

The specimen of Ctenoplusia limbirena photographed is from the private collection of A.W. Emmerson (Auckland).