Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Revenue & expenditure

Research platform for monitoring forest processes. Image – John Hunt

Research platform for monitoring forest processes. Image – John Hunt

Where our revenue comes from

  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) Science + Innovation Group Core funding 44% – includes capability funding to maintain existing skill and to develop new science capability
  • Manaaki Whenua Press & sundry 2% – Manaaki Whenua Press is our natural history and science book publishing and retailing business centre
  • Business sector 6% – principally contracted work for businesses and industry organisations
  • New Zealand universities 2% – contracted services, some paid lecturing by our staff, and rentals for university staff located in our buildings
  • Local government 4% – contracted work for regional, district and city councils
  • Central government 11% – services contracted by government departments including DOC, MfE and MPI
  • Enviro-Mark Solutions 4% – which provides certification services for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and mitigation
  • CRIs 8% – research subcontracted to us in collaborative programmes
  • International 1% – development projects funded by donor agencies, international consultancy projects
  • MBIE contestable funding sources 15%

Where our revenue goes

  • Employee remuneration 50% – includes staff in management, science, support roles, business development and Enviro-Mark Solutions
  • Staff training 1% – includes conferences, training courses and support for postgraduate study (2.49% of the total payroll)
  • Other operating costs 20% – includes electricity, carbon credits, software licences, insurance, consumables, and lease costs
  • Travel & vehicles 4% – all vehicle and air travel by our staff, including the cost of leased vehicles. Landcare Research runs a mixed fleet of vehicles including 4WD and quad bikes for fieldwork, and cars and vans for road use
  • Subcontracts 11% – research subcontracted to other research providers, including CRIs and universities in collaborative research programmes
  • Depreciation 8% – includes accounting depreciation on buildings, science equipment and computers
  • Taxation 2%
  • Surplus after tax 4%