Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Landcare Research at a glance

The Pearce building, our registered company office at Lincoln

The Pearce building, our registered company office at Lincoln

Scientific focus

  • Understanding the environmental and land use factors affecting greenhouse gas emissions, developing reduction and mitigation technologies, and working with policymakers,landowners, business and conservation managers to adapt to climate change.
  • Identifying, protecting and restoring New Zealand’s indigenous flora and fauna to ensure their long–term resilience within both managed and natural ecosystems.
  • Reducing the impact and cost of weeds, pests and disease in productive and natural environments, and enabling international trade and the safe introduction of new materials.
  • Managing soils, landscapes and water resources at local, regional and national scales to provide economic opportunities balanced with social and environmental well–being.
  • Creating market advantage for businesses by reducing environmental impacts and optimising operations, and promoting new urban development strategies to enhance quality of life.
  • Supporting Māori enterprise in developing future economic opportunities from land and associated natural resources while respecting traditional values associated with land, water and communities.

Core Purpose

To undertake research and development to protect and enhance New Zealand land environments and enable their sustainable use in economic development. Our research is strongly aligned to and supports government policy, and reflects client and end–user priorities. Many of our science teams are recognised internationally for their expertise and research capability.


Innovative science for a sustainable future


Collaboration, curiosity and clarity

Manaaki Whenua

Our Māori name means to care for the land in all senses. Māori are tangata whenua, the indigenous people with whom we consult and work alongside.
Manaaki Whenua – Manaaki Tangata
Care for the land – Care for the people