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David Wardle

David Wardle
Position: Research Associate
Team: Ecosystems & Global Change
Location: Lincoln
P.O. Box 69040
Lincoln 7640
Fax: +64 3 321 9998

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Research Interests

Research Interests

Research interests

The primary research focus is on aboveground and belowground ecology, linkages between aboveground and belowground communities, and the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. This research is focused on laboratory, glasshouse and field studies in both natural and managed ecosystems, and much of the field work is performed in New Zealand rainforests and in subarctic Swedish tundra and boreal forest communities.

Selected publications

Wardle, D.A., Walker, L.R. and Bardgett, R.D. (2004). Ecosystem properties and forest decline in contrasting long-term chronosequences. Science 305: 509-513.

Wardle, D.A., Bardgett, R.D., Klironomos, J.N., Setälä, H., Van der Putten, W.H. and Wall, D.H. (2004) Ecological linkages between aboveground and belowground biota. Science 304: 1629-1633.

Wardle, D.A. and Bardgett, R.D. (2004) Human-induced changes in densities of large herbivorous mammals: consequences for the decomposer subsystem. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2: 145-153.

Wardle, D.A., Yeates, G.W., Barker, G.M., Bellingham, P.J., Bonner, K.I. and Williamson, W. (2003) Island biology and ecosystem functioning in epiphytic soil communities. Science 301: 1717-1720.

Wardle, D.A., Hörnberg, G., Zackrisson, O., Kalela-Brundin, M., and Coomes, D.A., (2003) Long term effects of wildfire on ecosystem properties across an island area gradient. Science 300: 972-975.

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Wardle, D.A., Bonner, K.I., and Barker, G.M. (2002). Linkages between plant litter decomposition, litter quality, and vegetation responses to herbivores. Functional Ecology 16: 585-595.

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Loreau, M., Naeem, S., Inchausti, P., Bengtsson, J., Grime, J. P., Hector, A., Hooper, D.U., Huston, M.A., Raffaelli, D., Schmid, B., Tilman, D., and Wardle, D.A. (2001) Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: current knowledge and future challenges. Science 294: 804-808.

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Wardle, D.A., Zackrisson, O., Hörnberg, G. and Gallet, C. (1997) Biodiversity and ecosystem properties. Science 278: 1867-1869.



  • Calgary
    PhD Soil Ecology Biol Science
  • Canterbury
    BSc (Hons) Botany



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  • Editorial Board (and Chief editor until December 2003) New Zealand Journal of Ecology , New Zealand Journal of Ecology
  • Adjunct Professorship, School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury
  • Editorial Board of Pedobiologia
  • Professor of Ecology (50% time), Department of Forest Vegetation Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,Umea, Sweden , Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Reviewer for >60 journals including Science and Nature
  • Board of Reviewing Editors (2009-), Science
  • Board of Editors, Ecology
  • Board of Editors, Ecological Monographs
  • Editorial Board, Ideas in Ecology and Evolution



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