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Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh
Position: Senior Economist / Capability Leader
Team: Landscape Policy and Governance
Location: Auckland
Private Bag 92170
Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland 1142

Research Interests

Research Interests


"Drought Intensity, Future Expectations, and the Resilience of Climate Beliefs" (2020) with Pam Booth and Pike Stahlmann-Brown, Ecological Economics, Vol 176

'Understanding and Managing Social-Ecological Tipping Points in Primary Industries' (2019) with Johanna Yletyinen, Phillip Brown, Roger Pech, Dave Hodges, Philip Hulme, Thomas Malcolm, Fleur Maseyk, Duane Peltzer, George Perry, Sarah Richardson, Simeon Small. Margaret Stanley, Jaqui Todd, Willie Wright, and Jason Tylianakis, BioScience 69(5):335-347

'Adaptation, Sea Level Rise, and Property Prices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed' (2019) with Dennis Guignet, Charles Griffiths, and Heather Klemick, Land Economics 95(1) 19-34.

‘Contamination and Incomplete Information: Bounding Implicit Prices using High-Profile Leaks.’ (2018) Guignet, D., R. Jenkins, M. Ranson and P. J. Walsh, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 88: 259-282

‘Using Structural Restrictions to Achieve Theoretical Consistency in Benefit Transfers.’ (2018) With Stephen C. Newbold, D. Matthew Massey, and Julie Hewitt, Environmental and Resource Economics, 69(3): 529-553.

'Do Neighboring Municipalities Matter in Industrial Location Decisions? Empirical Evidence from Spain' (2018) with Angel Alanon-Pardo and Rafael Myro Sanchez, Empirical Economics 55(3): 1145-1179.

“Improving Water Quality in an Iconic Estuary: An Internal Meta-analysis of Property Value Impacts Around the Chesapeake Bay” with Dennis Guignet, Charles Griffiths, and Heather Klemick, (2018) Environmental and Resource Economics, 69 (2): 265-292.

'Contaminated Sites and Information in Hedonic Models: an Analysis of a NJ Property Disclosure Law, (2017) with Preston Mui, Resource and Energy Economics 50:1-14

"Modeling the Property Price Impact of Water Quality in 14 Chesapeake Bay Counties" with Dennis Guignet, Charles Griffiths, and Heather Klemick, (2017) Ecological Economics 135: 103-113.

"The Implicit Price of Aquatic Grasses," Dennis Guignet, Charles Griffiths, Heather Klemick, and Patrick J. Walsh, Marine Resource Economics 32, no. 1 (January 2017): 21-41.

“Nutrient Standards, Water Quality Indicators, and Economic Benefits from Water Quality Regulations” (2016) with J. Walter Milon (University of Central Florida) Environmental and Resource Economics 64(4): 643-661.

“The Property Value Impacts of Groundwater Contamination: Agricultural Runoff and Private Wells” (2016) with Dennis Guignet (NCEE) and Rachel Northcutt (NERA Consulting), Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 45(2): 293-318.

“Do Housing Values Respond to Underground Storage Tank Releases? Evidence from High-Profile Cases across the United States.” With Dennis Guignet (NCEE), Robin R. Jenkins (NCEE), and Matthew Ranson (Abt Associates), NCEE Working Paper Series No 2016-01.

“Understanding Local regulation of Hydro-Fracking: A Spatial Econometric Approach” (2015) with Stephen D. Bird and Martin D. Heintzelman (both at Clarkson University), Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 44(2): 138-163.

“Adaptation, Sea Level Rise, and Property Prices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.” (2015) with Dennis Guignet, Charles Griffiths, and Heather Klemick, NCEE Working Paper Series No. 2015-02.

“Prevention, Cleanup, and Reuse Benefits from the Federal UST Program.” (2014) Robin R. Jenkins, Dennis Guignet, and Patrick J. Walsh, NCEE Working Paper Series, No. 2014-05

“Explaining the Appearance and Success of Open Space Referenda.” Heintzelman, Martin, Patrick J. Walsh, and Dustin Grzeskowiak, (2013), Ecological Economics

“Spatial Hedonic Valuation of a Multi-use Urban Wetland in Southern California” Frey, Elaine, Marissa B. Palin, Patrick J. Walsh, and Christine R. Whitcraft, (2013) Agricultural and Resource Economics Review.

“Water Quality Indices and Benefit-Cost Analysis” Walsh, Patrick and William Wheeler (2013), Journal of Benefit Cost Analysis 4(1) 81-105.

"EPA Valuation of Surface Water Quality Improvements" Griffiths, Charles, Heather Klemick, Matt Massey, Chris Moore, Steve Newbold, David Simpson, Patrick Walsh, and Will Wheeler (2012), Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 6(1): 130-146. 

"The Spatial Extent of Property Price Benefits in Urban Housing Markets." Walsh, Patrick, David Scrogin, and J. Walter Milon (2011), Land Economics 87(4): 628-644.

"The Property Price Effects of Abating Nutrient Pollutants in Urban housing Markets," Walsh, Patrick, David Scrogin, and J. Walter Milon (2011), in Economic Incentives for Stormwater Control, edited by Hale Thurston, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.




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