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Utkur Djanibekov

Utkur Djanibekov
Position: Economist
Team: Landscape Policy and Governance
Location: Auckland
Private Bag 92170
Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland 1142

Research Interests

Research Interests


Boboev, H., Djanibekov, U., Bekchanov, M., Lamers, J.P.A., Toderich, K. (2019). Feasibility of conservation agriculture in the Amu Darya Lowlands, Central Asia. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability (

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Djanibekov, U., Khamzina, A., Djanibekov, N., Lamers, J.P.A., (2012). How attractive are short-term CDM forestations in arid regions? The case of irrigated croplands in Uzbekistan. Forest Policy and Economics21, 108-117



  • Bonn
    PhD Agricultural Sciences
  • Uzbekistan
    MS Management
  • Uzbekistan
    BS Management (Communication and Information)