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Manaaki Whenua Research Trust – helping Kiwis solve New Zealand's environmental problems

Increasingly, New Zealanders want to help protect our unique native species and environments: they are an important part of our natural heritage and what it means to be a New Zealander. Through the Manaaki Whenua Research Trust, all New Zealanders can support critical research to solve New Zealand’s worst environmental problems.

The Trust was established in March 2016 to support world-class environmental research to develop new innovations, technologies and tools to:

  • protect New Zealand's treasured species and ecosystems
  • enable more sustainable management of New Zealand soils and landscapes
  • improve weed and pest control
  • manage the impacts of climate change and
  • maintain and develop the Nationally Significant Collections and Databases that Landcare Research looks after on behalf of all New Zealanders. 

Donations to the Trust help Landcare Research to deliver research in areas important to New Zealand’s future, as well as support talented New Zealand researchers, including up-and-coming early career researchers.

The Manaaki Whenua Research Trust is overseen by a Trust Board. The patron of the Trust is businessman and 2016 New Zealander of the Year finalist, Rob Fenwick, who has dedicated his life to preserving the environment for the current and future generations. Rob chairs the Predator Free NZ Trust, which aims to dramatically reduce predator populations to protect native species, and Kiwis for Kiwi, which aims to reverse the decline in kiwi numbers. He also chairs the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge.

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