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Environmental Data Summit Agenda

The international Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is hosting an Environmental Data Summit during their Technical and Planning Committee meetings on Wednesday, December 6, 2017. The summit is open to all comers, at no cost.

This summit provides an opportunity for a range of New Zealand organisations to join international OGC members in a day of focussed presentations and discussion about standards-based exchange of open environmental data. We encourage providers of environmental data - especially those contributing to a distributed data commons such as government agencies, research institutes and universities – to attend. We would also welcome users of these data, in both the private and public sector, to participate.

The event is a technical forum and is concerned with what is being done and how. It also seeks to expose the standards community to its end users so they can talk about their experiences using OGC standards-based systems and articulate future needs. A significant portion of the summit will therefore be set aside for open discussion and we are offering five minute slots in preceding a ‘Soap Box’ session to allow participants to have their say and help frame the debate. If you are interested in speaking during this slot, please email Alistair Ritchie (

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Agenda: Wednesday 6th December

09:45 Registration: Tea and coffee available
10:15 – 12.00 Session 1: Welcome and introduction to the Environmental Domain Working Groups
 Welcome and introduction to the OGC: Denise McKenzie, OGC
 Sharing Data – the government perspective: Alison Stringer, Ministry for the Environment
 Introduction to the Geoscience Domain Working Group: Carina Kemp, Geoscience Australia
 Introduction to the Hydrology Domain Working Group: Tony Boston, Australian National University
 Introduction to the Met-Oceans Domain Working Group: Chris Little, UK Met Office
 A Consolidated view: from earth science to biodiversity: Josh Leiberman, Harvard University
 Observations, Measurements and Environmental Features: Simon Cox, CSIRO


Lunch Break (lunch is not provided)

12:45 – 14.30 Session 2: Experiments and Standards in Action
 Soil Data Interoperability Experiment: Alistair Ritchie, Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
 Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment: Dave Blodgett, USGS
 NIWA Data Services: Jochen Schmidt, NIWA
 The US National Water Model: David Maidment, University of Texas
 Australian GeoScience Information Network / AuSCope: Carina Kemp, Geoscience Australia
 The Canadian Groundwater Information Network: Boyan Brodaric, Natrual Resources Canada
 e-IDI and LAWA: Adrienne Bonnington: Horizons Regional Council


Afternoon Tea

14:45 – 16.15 Session 3: Community Building and Summary
 Soapbox: Perspectives from around the room, members and non-members
  Open Discussion
  Summary and closing remarks


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