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Kiwi Slang

Here are just a few Kiwi words and phrases that may be helpful, for more see here. A Maori dictionary is also available online.

Photo courtesy of Tourism New Zealand

All goodEverything's fine, or you're welcome
AotearoaNew Zealand (Māori, literally land of the long white cloud)
ArohaLove (Māori)
BeautA term of approval
BroShort for brother, but used for almost any male
ChipsCan refer to either hot chips (french fries) or cold chips (crisps)
ChoiceA term of approval, great/awesome
ChurCheers, thank you, hello or OK/cool
CrackerGood (e.g. a cracker of a day)
CuppaShort for 'cup of' e.g. cuppa tea
Cuz/CuzzieShort for cousin, but used for any friend
DairyCorner convenience store
Haere maiWelcome/come here (Māori)
Haere rāGoodbye (Māori)
Hard yakkaHard work
HongiA traditional Māori greeting in which people press their noses together
Flat whiteAn espresso-based coffee beverage. The beverage is prepared by pouring microfoam (steamed milk consisting of small, fine bubbles with a glossy or velvety consistency) over a single or double shot of espresso. It’s very popular in New Zealand.
KaiFood (Māori)
Ka paiGood (Māori)
Kia OraHello (Māori)
KiwiA New Zealander (named after the kiwi, an indigenous flightless bird). Not to be confused with kiwifruit which are often called kiwis in other countries.
LemonadeFizzy lemon flavoured drink (e.g. 7Up or Sprite)
MuntedA way of describing something broken or badly damaged
No worriesYes, that's fine
PukuStomach (Māori)
RubbishGarbage/trash (rubbish bin = trash can)
SquizzTo take a look at, "let's take a squizz"
Sweet asGood/cool/awesome
TaongaTreasure (Māori)
Tiki tourTaking the long/scenic route, or a trip with no particular destination
Tomato sauceKetchup
WhānauFamily (Māori)
Wops/wop wopsA remote location
YonksA long time

Photo courtesy of Adam Bryce