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Manaaki Whenua Co-innovation Workshop

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At Manaaki Whenua our core values are “Science that delivers with excellence, relevance and integrity” and “Manaaki Tangata, partnering, caring and common purpose.” Naturally then, when we think about the shape of our work, we want to involve our key stakeholders in conversation and collaboration from the beginning.

While we are proud of our every-day engagement with those who participate in and use our science, the opportunity to work with diverse stakeholders in a single workshop has proved very valuable over recent years.

Workshop details:

Workshop date: Wednesday 19th September 2018
TIme: 9:30am - 4:00pm
Location: Meetings on the Terrace, 152 The Terrace, Wellington »
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Workshop aims:

In 2018 our Co-innovation Workshop will cover our four ambitions for New Zealand which inform key priorities and allocation of funding as well as testing new ideas and opportunities for contestable funding in the year ahead.

  • Deep engagement with a small strategic group of stakeholders
  • Wide joined-up conversations across all four Manaaki Whenua ambitions: Our Biodiversity, Our Biosecurity, Our Land and Our Environment
  • Long-term thinking about research to support challenges on your horizons.