Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


  • Toby Manhire interviews Duane Peltzer, senior researcher and plant ecologist at Landcare Research, Lincoln who investigates the effects of biological invasions in ecosystems, and is talking about wilding pines.

  • Landcare Research scientist Lynley Hayes has more stories from the front line of the 'War On Weeds'.

  • Listener Jo thinks she's seeing fewer moths around. So is New Zealand's moth population falling? With moth specialist Robert Hoare of Landcare Research.

  • Landcare research invasive weeds scientist Lynley Hayes explains biocontrol of pest weed species.

  • Lynley Hayes from Landcare Research is in the front line of the "War On Weeds". She is leading research into the biological control of barberry in Southland.

  • Moths tend to fly under the radar when it comes to scientific research despite the fact they're important pollinators for plants and food source for native birds. But a new Citizen Science project in Otago is literally putting the spotlight on them. Dr Barbara Anderson is overseeing the project Shedding Light on the Night with the help of several Otago schools, University of Otago, the Orokonui Ecosanctuary north of Dunedin and some of her colleagues at Landcare Research.

  • Dr Colin Meurk of Landcare Research talks about enticing birds into home gardens, and Ben Alms, aka Dr Compost, shares the ins and outs of building a worm farm.

  • There are over 120 native orchids in New Zealand - with over half found nowhere else in the world. Many of them are threatened and have unique conservation values, but a big danger to them is that people often don't know how precious they are as they're so tricky to identify.With that in mind Landcare Research has come up with a free app called the NZ Orchid Key so the public can help identify and protect the threatened species. With the main flowering season starting, Landcare Reserach scientist Murray Dawson is hoping those walking in the outdoors spotting orchid-like flowers will stop and use the app - and take a picture - instead of pick them

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