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Garden bird survey

Birds are important indicators of the health of New Zealand’s environment.

Help us discover and learn more about NZ garden birds by participating in this citizen science project. This year’s survey includes lots of new activities to keep everyone entertained.

Bellbird (male)
Taking part

All you need to know to take part: how to do the survey, submit your observations and identify birds.

Join the conversation

Find us on Facebook to share photos and stories about the birds in your garden, as well as to receive news and results.

2015 results

Counts of most species in the top 10 are higher this year than average for the previous 8 years

The winning logo concept
Winning logo concept

We asked Garden Bird Survey participants to help us choose a logo concept. Find out here which concept was the winner.

Discover and learn

Keep everyone entertained: Bird colouring sheets, activities for schools, feeding birds and learning more about garden birds in New Zealand and overseas.

Welcome Swallow
Behind the scenes

Converting bird count data into a meaningful summary can be tricky. Explore some challenges being tackled behind the scenes.


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