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Susan Wiser

Susan Wiser
Position: Programme Leader/Capability Leader
Team: Ecosystems & Global Change
Location: Lincoln
P.O. Box 69040
Lincoln 7640
Phone: +64 3 321 9839
Fax: +64 3 321 9998

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Research Interests

Research Interests

Role at Landcare Research

Scientist Plant ecology
IO leader: Maintaining threatened rare ecosystems (SARB OBI)
  National Vegetation Survey (NVS) Databank (Ecosystem Resilience OBI)

Research interests

  • Ecology of naturally rare ecosystems and habitat islands
  • Environmentally sustainable indigenous forestry
  • Ecoinformatics
  • Ecology of weed invasions
  • Vegetation classification and description

Professional affiliations/recognition

2007— ARC-NZ Working Group on an International Exchange Schema for Vegetation data
2005— ARC-NZ Working Group on Standard Site Measurements for Ecologists
2003— International Association for Vegetation Science Working Group on Ecoinformatics
2003–2007 Associate Editor Journal of Vegetation Science
2001–2003 Councillor New Zealand Ecological Society
2001–2003 Councillor Canterbury Botanical Society
2000–2003 Editorial Board Journal of Vegetation Science
Member: New Zealand Ecological Society
  International Association of Vegetation Science
  New Zealand Farm Forestry Association


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  • North Carolina
    PhD Biology
  • Cornell
    BA (Hons) Biology



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  • Secretary, International Association of Vegetation Science (IAVS)
  • Chair, Business & Management Special Committee, International Association of Vegetation Science (IAVS)



  • Botany
  • Database Systems
  • Ecological Research
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Forest and Grassland Ecology
  • Forest Ecology
  • Plant Community Ecology
  • Plant Ecology