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A house sparrow and silvereye share breakfast. Image - Derek Tearne

Garden bird survey takes flight.
Friday 26 Jun 2015
The country’s cold snap could see record numbers of birds recorded in the annual New Zealand Garden Bird Survey.

Landcare Researchâs Chantal Probst, left, and Maj Padamsee inspect lantana infected with lantana blister rust. Image - Catia Delmiglio.

Plant disease biocontrol world first
Wednesday 27 May 2015
In a world first, New Zealand is using a Peruvian plant disease as biocontrol against a notorious weed.

Landcare Research scientist Barbara Anderson digs up tea bags on the sunny side of the mountain (1300m).

Buried tea bags unearthed
Tuesday 19 May 2015
It was a “race against the weather” for Landcare Research scientist Barbara Anderson to unearth 810 tea bags buried on Mt Cardrona.

The <em>Thambotricha vates</em> moth. Image Bryce McQuillan

Elusive moth found
Wednesday 22 Apr 2015
An elusive species of moth that hasn’t been seen in New Zealand for almost 20 years has been found.

Simon Fowler inspecting the pupal case of a tradescantia leaf beetle.

Brazilian beetles proving effective biocontrol against tradescantia
Wednesday 15 Apr 2015
Areas where Brazilian beetles were released to control a weed, hated by conservationists, gardeners and dog owners alike, are showing signs it’s working.

Dr Colin Meurk expects some of the burnt plants, like this cabbage tree, will regenerate.

Fire huge setback to dune restoration
Wednesday 01 Apr 2015
The ecologist behind a dune restoration project extensively damaged by a suspicious fire holds hope some of the native plants will regenerate.

Scientist Lindsay Smith with barberry seed weevils that are being used in Southland to control Darwinâs barberry

South American beetle introduced to control weed
Thursday 19 Mar 2015
A tiny Chilean beetle has been introduced to New Zealand in a bid to control a weed that if left unchecked could potentially become as big a problem as gorse.

A possum captured eating fungi essential to the growth of wilding pines.

Pests may help spread wilding pines
Monday 02 Mar 2015
New research has found pests may be assisting the spread of wilding pines which have invaded more than 1.5 million hectares in New Zealand.

Moana Meyer helping bury the tea bags

Tea bags as a research tool
Tuesday 03 Feb 2015
Landcare Research is using a novel approach, called the Tea Bag Index, to understand climate change.

Conservation week: discover what is on your doorstep
Friday 07 Nov 2014
Thousands of species in New Zealand are yet to be discovered. But it’s not just scientists who could uncover them. It could be you.

One of the Honshu white admiral butterflies recently released in the Waikato

New butterfly introduced to tackle problematic weed
Wednesday 05 Nov 2014
A Japanese butterfly has been introduced in New Zealand as a frontline defence against a weed threatening native plant life.

Moa bones from Honeycomb Caves, Westland

New study reveals timing for rapid and widespread extinction of New Zealand's moa
Friday 24 Oct 2014
Researchers from the University of Auckland and Landcare Research have completed a new analysis of radiocarbon dated moa remains, providing the clearest insights yet into how and when New Zealand’s iconic giant birds became extinct.

Soil quality underpins New Zealand's rural economy

Regional effort to improve soil quality
Wednesday 15 Oct 2014
Arresting the widespread decline in soil quality is the goal of a new regional soil partnership formed by 17 Pacific countries.

<em>Chrysolina abchasica</em>, potential biocontrol agent for Tutsan

Potential biocontrol agents settling into containment
Tuesday 16 Sep 2014
Scientists at Landcare Research are investigating two small European insects as potential bio-control agents against the pest plant Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum).

<em>Nestor chathamensis</em>, the extinct Chatham Islands parrot.

New species of parrot described from the Chatham Islands
Monday 01 Sep 2014
New Zealand officially has a new species of bird; unfortunately birdwatchers are unlikely to have much luck if they go looking for it, as it has already been extinct for several hundred years.

New Zealand's Biological Heritage National Science Challenge

Expertise and integration key to success of new science challenge
Friday 29 Aug 2014
Landcare Research Chief Executive, Dr Richard Gordon says the Crown Research Institute is well placed to host the new Biological Heritage National Science Challenge, announced today by Science Minister, Hon Steven Joyce.

Mouse. Image - Grant Morriss

Kiwi science at work on Aussie pest problems
Monday 18 Aug 2014
New Zealand science that assists Australian farmers predict mouse outbreaks could soon be applied on this side of the Tasman.

Female house sparrow. Image - A. Walmsley

Nationwide Garden Bird Survey begins this weekend
Thursday 26 Jun 2014
Kiwi nature-lovers are being asked for their help for an important wildlife survey – and you don’t even have to leave your living room or school classroom to take part.

Antarctic website links science and policy
Thursday 08 May 2014
Antarctica is changing with parts of the continent warming as quickly as anywhere else on the planet.

Mites on Vespula germanica

Wasp biocontrol project set to begin
Thursday 17 Apr 2014
Researchers will shortly begin investigating a promising new biocontrol agent that could over time impact on European wasps.

Book cover: Ecosystem Services

The first overview of Ecosystem Services in New Zealand
Wednesday 12 Feb 2014
Ecosystem Services in New Zealand, a 538-page publication on the conditions and trends of ecosystem services in this country, was launched at the Ministry for the Environment’s offices in Wellington last night.

Online collaboration to discuss Predator-Free New Zealand
Monday 10 Feb 2014
The concept of a predator-free New Zealand will gain further momentum this week with enthusiasts taking part in a 10-day online collaboration to explore potential solutions.

Micrasterias, Lake Rotoiti, X320

Freshwater algae identification, information and action resource up and running
Friday 31 Jan 2014
A new website hosted by Landcare Research will assist members of the community to find, collect, and identify freshwater algae.

Stompy the Kiwi busy eradicating zombie possums

'Possum Stomp' proving popular
Sunday 29 Dec 2013
A just-released downloadable smartphone ‘App’ alerting the user to the plight of New Zealand’s native birds is proving popular just a week after its official launch.

Possum Stomp

Fun new ‘App’ to bring pest control into the electronic world
Friday 20 Dec 2013
A just-released downloadable smartphone ‘App’ will provide enjoyment this summer and alert the user to the plight of New Zealand’s native birds. It is also set to be a precursor of new tools to challenge how New Zealanders think about pest control.

Shireplitis bilboi

‘The Hobbit’ inspires scientists
Wednesday 11 Dec 2013
Characters in Tolkien’s book ‘Lord of the Rings’ have influenced the names of newly discovered species of wasps that are small, short and stout – just like Hobbits.

German wasp (Vespula germanica)

Taking the sting out of wasps
Thursday 07 Nov 2013
Control measures and more funding are needed to stop the havoc being wreaked on New Zealand’s native forests by wasps, say scientists who hosted a workshop held recently at Victoria University.

Diverse projects secure funding
Thursday 29 Aug 2013
Diverse projects aimed at boosting agricultural productivity and ensuring more effective pest control are among those that have received significant new Government funding.

Irrigation pond plantings after 10 months

Pond borders can benefit bees
Friday 02 Aug 2013
Irrigation pond borders offer a great opportunity to increase biodiversity on farms without impacting on productive land, according to researchers.

carboNZero and Enviro-Mark have merged

Merger creates large environmental certification business
Wednesday 03 Jul 2013
Landcare Research has created one of the largest certifiers for environmental credentials in New Zealand by integrating its three programmes into one subsidiary.

New tool assists in the identification of parasitoid wasps
Thursday 09 May 2013
A new online tool will assist biosecurity and conservation managers identify a diverse and important group of wasps in New Zealand.

Hon. Nathan Guy and Hon. Steven Joyce at the launch of the Lincoln Hub

Landcare Research welcomes Government science announcement
Monday 29 Apr 2013
Landcare Research is welcoming the Government’s announcement of the creation of a science ‘hub’ at Lincoln, near Christchurch.

Parasite eggs from moa coprolites

New research suggests gut ‘worms’ may have gone extinct alongside moa
Thursday 28 Feb 2013
New research could provide insights into co-extinction of threatened species and help improve estimates of the actual numbers of species currently at risk of extinction.

Beech forest

New research assists predictions for ‘mast seeding’ and predator explosions
Thursday 15 Nov 2012
New research could help predict ‘mast seeding’ in some New Zealand plants and allow land managers to prepare for likely predator explosions that follow.

Official opening of the new pathogen facility

Opening of new science facility boosts biosecurity and conservation
Thursday 01 Nov 2012
A new state-of-the-art plant pathogen (disease) containment facility marks a significant step forward in New Zealand’s battle against invasive weeds as well as destructive plant pathogens attacking species as diverse as kauri and kiwifruit.

Kakapo coprolites in a cave in Nelson

Fossil bird dung shows kakapo dined on parasitic plant
Tuesday 02 Oct 2012
Fossilised bird dung from a cave in the northwest corner of New Zealand's South Island has provided new insights into the lives of two of the country’s most threatened species.

Nature Watch screenshot

Nature Watch: I-spy with a twist
Thursday 27 Sep 2012
Are you looking for a little more enjoyment, purpose and structure for children during the upcoming school holidays?

KiwiNet board members with Landcare Research representatives

Landcare Research joins KiwiNet commercialisation consortium
Friday 14 Sep 2012
Landcare Research has become the tenth member of the Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet), a consortium of New Zealand universities and crown research institutes collaborating on research commercialisation.

Female house sparrow. Image - A. Walmsley

Preliminary results of 2012 Garden Bird Survey
Monday 10 Sep 2012
House sparrows are again the most abundant bird species in New Zealand gardens with preliminary results of the 2012 Garden Bird Survey indicating an average of 12.3 per garden.

NZOR screenshot

New tool to benefit business, biosecurity and conservation
Monday 27 Aug 2012
Business and industry as well as biosecurity and conservation will all benefit with the launch of a new web-based register of almost 100,000 plants, animals, fungi and bacteria that are significant to New Zealand.

NLCR website

New centre to unlock the potential of New Zealand´s vital land economy
Friday 06 Jul 2012
The launch of a new science–backed national initiative today is a big step to improving the way science is used to enhance one of the country´s most important resources – the land.

Entrance to the high altitude cave in the Kahurangi National Park

Research offers new insights into the lives of subalpine moa
Monday 02 Jul 2012
New research has cast light on the diet of moa in subalpine environments and provided clues to the changing face of New Zealand’s ecology.

Nesameletus mayfly nymph

New tool for identification of freshwater invertebrates
Tuesday 08 May 2012
Freshwater invertebrates (insects, crustaceans, snails, worms etc) are a useful measure of the state of our streams – but the identification and interpretation of the range of invertebrates found in any stream can be tricky.

Moth - Declana nivea

A new guide to the Larger Moths of New Zealand
Thursday 03 May 2012
Information about an often misunderstood and overlooked creature has undergone a monumental 21st century upgrade, in a move aimed at improving public knowledge and care.

Landcare Research Chief Scientist David Whitehead speaking to Richard Gordon and Hon, David  Carter

New facility for greenhouse gas research at Lincoln
Tuesday 24 Apr 2012
Landcare Research’s role as a leader in developing technologies for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions is reflected in its state–of–the–art new Greenhouse Gas Research Facility at Lincoln.

Bushwalk at the Auckland BioBlitz

BioBlitz - finding nature in the city
Wednesday 28 Mar 2012
New Zealand’s leading biennial 24-hour ‘environmental race against time’ is just a few days away, and Aucklanders are being urged to get involved.

Transitions garden at Ellerslie

Gold for going green
Wednesday 07 Mar 2012
Landcare Research´s stunning exhibition at the 2012 Ellerslie International Flower Show that highlights ´green´ elements in the rebuild of earthquake damaged Christchurch has caught the attention of international judges.

Asian Paper Wasp

Seeking public help to find paper wasps
Monday 16 Jan 2012
Scientists are seeking public help to learn more about the spread of an unwanted pest.

Lifestyle block in Canterbury

Lifestyle Blocks and the loss of New Zealand´s productive soils
Tuesday 20 Dec 2011
New research shows the huge increase in ´lifestyle blocks´ across New Zealand and raises wider questions over our attitude to the slow but ongoing loss of valuable, high quality and productive land.

Searching for Argentine ants

Invasive ants not dying out, just moving on
Thursday 08 Dec 2011
A recent report that Argentine ant populations are dying out is doubtful, and potentially misleading, according to scientists from Landcare Research.

OurEnvironment screenshot

Learn about New Zealand’s Environments – new online mapping web site
Wednesday 07 Dec 2011
Following on from the successful launch earlier this year of the S–Map Online web mapping web site, researchers from Landcare Research have today unveiled a new and free online mapping tool which will make it easier for businesses, government, researchers and the public to better understand the natural environments that underpin New Zealand’s economy and society.

Janet Wilmshurst

Landcare Research celebrates Marsden Fund success
Thursday 06 Oct 2011
Landcare Research is today celebrating the success of two scientists who are the recipients of significant grants from the Marsden Fund.

S-Map online

National soils data now available online
Thursday 22 Sep 2011
Researchers have unveiled a new online tool to make it easier and more effective for land managers, business, scientists and the public to better understand the soils that underpin New Zealand’s economy, land use and ecology.

Virtual Herbarium

New Zealand Virtual Herbarium launched
Tuesday 23 Aug 2011
The New Zealand Virtual Herbarium has been launched by the New Zealand National Herbarium Network and provides free internet access to over 700,000 records held by 11 botanical collections from Auckland to Dunedin.

Christchurch streetscape

Community initiatives jump following February earthquake
Tuesday 31 May 2011
The explosion in community driven communication initiatives following February’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch has been highlighted through research by Crown Research Institute, Landcare Research

Richard Gordon

Appointment of new Landcare Research CEO
Thursday 26 May 2011
Dr Richard Gordon has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive of Crown Research Institute, Landcare Research

Neolema ogloblini

Beating the beetle bug – new biocontrol agent for tradescantia
Friday 25 Mar 2011
A long–awaited project that aims to control one of New Zealand’s most widespread and problematic weeds, tradescantia (Tradescantia fluminensis also known as wandering willie), has come to fruition.

Soil profile showing dark charcoal horizon from the time of forest clearance

Early settlers rapidly transformed lowland forests with fire
Tuesday 14 Dec 2010
New research indicates that the speed of early forest clearance following human colonisation of the South Island of New Zealand was much faster and more intense than previously thought.

Trees for Bees project

Children, Bees and the Trees for Bees project
Thursday 11 Nov 2010
Bees are the unsung heroes of the New Zealand economy and their hard work is about to come under closer scrutiny as part of a three year project to help New Zealand prevent the types of alarming losses that are happening overseas to honey bee colonies.

Pacific settlement map

Pacific colonisation more recent and rapid than earlier thought
Thursday 28 Oct 2010
New research shows early human colonisation of East Polynesia was much faster and more recent than previously proposed, providing a robust new timing and sequence for the colonisation of the region.

Vertebrate pest decision support system

Choosing the best methods for controlling possums and other pests
Thursday 09 Sep 2010
Choosing the best methods to control possums, rats, ferrets, stoats and feral cats has been made easier with the production of a publicly available internet–based Decision Support System or ´DSSD.

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